If houses and mansions aren’t for you, you can still get a lot out of apartments. You can pretty much get them anywhere except for the NorthEast part of the city. If you have a lot of people living with you, don’t worry. We know you guys have had the frustrations of parking near your house and not always having that place available. A lot of apartments will have separate parking so that you and your roommates won’t have to be bothered by that. Its a privilege in a city to always have a guaranteed parking spot.

Union Denver has some breathtaking apartments starting $1,375. Its a great price that most salaries can afford especially if you have roommates. If you come from a higher density city the apartments will cost more and give you less space. However, at Union, they believe in giving you more for your money. The apartments also have Yoga center and a gym, so it won’t be necessary to get a separate membership. They have a whole foods center because they believe in giving a bunch of food options as well as being in a convenient location.

SugarCube also has luxury apartments for sale in the downtown Denver story. Some of the locations are really special. They have lots of rooms with a kitchen where you can have a big refrigerator. There are a lot of small details that separate it from other places. There are plants that have grown and will spice up your location. There is also an outside space that you use when you want a breath of fresh air. Every time you walk out you can get a view of the city and during times of the year the lights will reflect the part of the season.

The Confluence can help you find your perfect luxury apartments for any part of the city. There are many parks, waterways and trails that you will experience next to your home. You can go to places like the Pepsi center and Coors field with a short walk. Its part of the culture in Denver that they don’t want things standing in the way of your enjoyment. In places like Washington DC, there is terrible traffic, limited parking spaces and dangerous roads for your cars. A city with a similar population as Denver, but they do a much worse job in terms of helping the people.